Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers are always encouraging, cheerful and friendly. When students come to Active English, they learn in an atmosphere of "positive" unpredictability" where the walls expand, the ceiling lifts, differences begin to dissolve and a tremendous sense of 'mental mobility' abounds. Risks become adventures, and even the most timid students may answer questions or surprise everyone by revealing hidden talents. Outrageous streaks of genius emerge without self-consciousness, and the students become receptive to exploring new possibilities. Our aim is to promote learning as a joyous experience!

Antionette Slabbert


It's easy to sell franchises but the secret is selling to the RIGHT people.
Meet the Active English team, each one dedicated with a passion for teaching creatively.
Only the best is good enough for your child!

We offer Active English / Active Maths/ Active Afrikaans and Science Club every Friday is not to be missed!

Cally Fletcher


Cally has been a franchisee for 11 years in Kroonstad.
She is an experienced teacher who believes that every child is an achiever.
Why does Cally enjoy teaching: "I find I am constantly learning from the children. I love their infectious enthusiasm, especially the little ones. One day is never the same as the next."
Cally does pre-school English and Grade 1-7

Christine Miranda


'Ingenious' is the word that best describes newcomer franchisee Christine.
She puts so much creativity into her lessons, ingenious methods that will have her students spelling and reading fluently in no time.
Christine offers lessons to Grade 1 - 7 students.

Corinne Janssen


Franchise owner, Corinne has employed teacher Lizette to teach classes in the Vereeniging North Area.
Lizette is a qualified teacher with years of experience. Classes are offered at Roshnee, Falcon Ridge, Sonlandpark, Arcon Park and other areas for pre-schoolers and Grade 1-7.
At Active English, we believe that every child is unique and so we offer the freedom for each child to express their individuality.
Contact Corinne on: 0836277189 or Lizette on 060 791 0098

Estelle Kirkwood


Fun-loving Estelle is experienced with dealing with children and her mission in life is to make every lesson exciting!
Children who start at a young age definitely have an advantage over their peers with both English and Maths.
She offers English lessons to pre-school children, Grade 1-7, and Maths pre-school.

Jenny Van Dam


The owner of Active English Maths and Ingenio Private Academy, Jenny has the most enthusiastic teachers who want to foster a love for Maths from an early age!
Through fun and practical application, we develop number sense and problem-solving skills.
One can clearly see the difference between a child who has had Active Maths in GrR - THEY ARE WAY AHEAD!

Natasha Menino Costa


Natasha has been a successful franchisee for 13 years. She is exceptionally hard-working and dedicated to bringing out the best in each and every child.
If want only the best for your child then make sure that you contact her today.

Paulette Van Zyl


Kind-hearted teacher Paulette encourages and shapes every child to be the best that they can be. Young children absorb language like sponges.
Good language skills equal good job opportunities one day.

Taryn Lawrence


Taryn joined the Active English team in 2006 - she has been a franchisee for 15 years!! There is one word for her 'amazing!'
Her experience and enthusiasm for teaching English ensure that her classes are usually fully booked, so contact her today.

Our teaching methods help to:

  • Maintain a high attention level
  • Relieve physical and mental stress
  • Build rapport
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Promote divergent thinking
  • Increase self confidence to speak English
  • Bring new insights
  • Allow for a new, fun way of learning