Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers are always encouraging, cheerful and friendly. When students come to Active English, they learn in an atmosphere of "positive" unpredictability" where the walls expand, the ceiling lifts, differences begin to dissolve and a tremendous sense of 'mental mobility' abounds. Risks become adventures, and even the most timid students may answer questions or surprise everyone by revealing hidden talents. Outrageous streaks of genius emerge without self-consciousness, and the students become receptive to exploring new possibilities. Our aim is to promote learning as a joyous experience!






Antionette's response: "my franchisees have said it all!"
She teaches at Suikerbekkie, Hoep Hoep and Leeubekkie and runs a classroom from home where she teaches about 82 Grade 1 - High School students every week, most of them having attended Active English since they were 5 years old.

Bianca and Desiree


Bianca: 072 555 0078 Desiree: 082 812 2636
When Bianca and Desiree came for their training, I remember asking them to tone it down a little! (First time I ever had to do that!) They were so lively and enthusiastic that the children could only stand and stare in amazement!
This dynamic duo are on their way up and be assured that once your child has been to one of their lessons they will be asking, 'when is it Active English again?'



Franchisee Cally is dedicated and thorough, she always brings her A game to every class!
She runs a very successful franchise in the small but definitely not sleepy town of Kroonstad.
In her first year of operation she was teaching 20 little ones, by year two there were 70 pre-schoolers.
Today she teaches 160. She is teaching at Kleuter Kommando, Oompie Kedompie, Shiny Babies, Voorwaarts Pre-school, Calculus and at Kroonstad Academy Pre-school where she also teaches Grade 1-7's in the afternoons.
Her best compliment: "In our Grade 1 class we recently discussed what the children would like to become when they grow up.
One of the little girls (who has been doing Active English since she was 3) said she wanted to become an English Teacher just like me!!
She was so genuine and I felt really touched." Why does Cally enjoy teaching: "I find I am constantly learning from the children. I love their infectious enthusiasm, especially the little ones. One day is never the same as the next."



Newcomer franchise owner, Corinne has employed a teacher Shannan to start up classes in the Vaal area. Shannan's bubbly enthusiasm & her warm personality will definitely be an asset to Active English. Make sure that you book your class in advance before it's too late. Shannan will be offering classes at Roshnee, Falcon Ridge, Sonlandpark, Arcon Park & other areas for pre-schoolers & grade 1-7. At Active English we believe that every child is unique & so we offer the freedom for each child to express their individuality. Contact Corinne on: 0836277189 or Antionette on 0827141155



New franchisee Diana will be operating in Henley-on-Klip / Meyerton and surrounds.
A positive attitude, motivation and a supportive environment in the classroom is essential in fostering self-esteem, creativity and the confidence to speak English fluently.
Diana's positive attitude and lively personality will have your child looking forward to their English lessons. Enrolments are now open for next year, conatct Diana today.



Look out for Edwina in 2019! Dynamite as they say comes in the form of enthusiasm and this bubbly personality believes that life should be fun! Edwina completed her Higher Diploma in Education SACE in 2015 and a BA (Hons) in Psychology. She will be operating from various nursery schools in Stellenbosch and if you would like to see an immediate improvement in your school's English, contact Edwina.



True dedication and a passion for working with young children best describes Mari-Louise. She strongly believes in developing the potential of each and every child, bringing out strengths instead of weaknesses. She believes that all children should be taught as if they are gifted because in that way hidden talents are developed. Be sure to contact Mari-Louise and invite her to present lessons at your school because parents will soon be insisting that their children participate in Active English classes.



Natasha is well-known in her hometown and her thorough preparation and popular holiday workshops are legend. You will find her classroom at 9 President Boshoff Street for the Grades. She teaches at Blomland, Kabouterkampus, Oriah, Emmie Kleuter/Pre-school. She finds the incentives (Sparky Slides and Ladders) for the spelling and reading programme of Active English encourages the children to be independent, the children love earning Sparky badges for their caps.



New and enthusiastic franchisee Paulette is excited and can't wait to get started in Ladybrand.
She believes that learning is an active process. Children learn through exploration and play.
Active English offers activities, rhymes, songs, crafts and a programme that is challenging but enjoyable.
Contact Paulette and enrol your child for next year.






Samantha – Centurion Area – 072 149 9254
Samantha started the Active English Franchise in Centurion 13 years ago and her reputation as a dedicated and amazing teacher is well-known in the Centurion area where teachers, Lisa and Carla assist her.
They collectively teach at Sprokieland, Bundibos, Nebulae Montessori, Regio, Wierda Babasentrum, Bambi, Japsnoetjies, Centurion Babasorgsentrum, Ietsie Pienkz Ietsie Groenz and Wierie Woekerland.
Classes for grades take place at Rooihuiskraal Laerskool, Wierdapark Laerskool, Bakenkop Laerskool and Hennopspark Laerskool.
Valhalla Primary and Uitsig Primary have recently been added to this list. There is also a pre-school class at a venue "The Worx" in Saxby Avenue.

Sam has an absolute passion for teaching English, the children thoroughly enjoy their lessons and are very responsive.
Sam confirms that they are always excited to see what they are "going to make". The rate at which pre-schoolers learn always amazes me, our youngest learners are 3 years of age and after 6 months of attendance they respond to instructions and participate in the lessons.

Most of the grades she teaches started as pre-schoolers which is an indication that parents are satisfied and recognise the value of the lessons.
She recently received a letter from a student who achieved a distinction for English in Matric last year, she participated in the lessons in her primary school years and her mother wrote that the value of the lessons definitely attributed to her success.

Lisa – 084 607 3978
Lisa is one of Sam's teachers and says that when parents tell her how much their children enjoy and look forward to their lessons she feels a tremendous sense of pride because that is one of the greatest compliments one can receive. She adds that children do not 'filter' or wear masks,
their opinions and observations are honest.

Carla has been teaching part-time for Sam for 4 years – "the Active English programme encourages children to be creative and they can express themselves in a manner that they are comfortable with."
Carla enjoys watching them learn, grow and develop into confident English speakers.



Lives in Phoenix and has been a dedicated teacher at Active English since 2008.
She teaches at Port Natal, Berea Pre-Primaries, Montessori Daycare on the Ridge and St Gérards Education Centre.
She loves using the Active English methodology as it encompasses so many things, she says.
Children are allowed to express themselves differently as opposed to the normal classroom environment.
She has seen shy children, push their self-imposed boundaries aside as they develop into confident, spontaneous children.
Sharleen loves the pride in their smiles when they accomplish something on their own. She also receives continued, positive feedback from teachers.



SACE registered and multi-talented teacher Surina is well-known in Potchefstroom. Watch this space!



You will have to search far and wide to find a teacher with so much energy – the name Taryn translates into one word ‘fun!’ She teaches at Grey College, Kontiki Pre-Primary, The Nest, Varsity Kids at the UFS Campus, Tiny Kids Academy, Klein Skooltjie, The Light, Timon & Pumba, Privaat Peuterskool, Onze Rust, Tjokkies & at a private house 5A Innes Ave, Waverley. She also teaches Grades from her home 64 Jac van Rhyn St, Universitasridge. She enjoys teaching Active English because experience has shown her that the programme allows the children to develop in all areas not only language but gross and fine motor skills and most importantly, social skills. She loves their eagerness and the unconditional love they display every week.

Our teaching methods help to:

  • Maintain a high attention level
  • Relieve physical and mental stress
  • Build rapport
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Promote divergent thinking
  • Increase self confidence to speak English
  • Bring new insights
  • Allow for a new, fun way of learning